During the participation in an Event organized by Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (hereinafter “BBVA” or the “Company“), the Company will carry out interviews, photographic reports/audiovisual/sound recordings on its own behalf or through third parties, through capturing images, sound, contributions, interpretations and/or recording by means of video or photography (hereinafter, the “Recordings”).

The Company will use the Recordings exclusively to publicize the Company’s internal activities.

At the Event, the Company will process and capture the following information on the people who attend the Event (hereinafter the “Attendee(s)”) through the Recordings.

  • Name, surname, company, image and voice (hereinafter, the “Personal Details“)

As indicated in section 1, the Recordings may include both Personal Data and Contributions.

The Personal Data will be captured by the Company through videos/photographs.

There shall be no benefit or remuneration of any kind for the Attendees through the licenses for use and the authorizations granted to the Company under this document.

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